The child was the first born baby in the family. He was a Full term baby with Normal delivery and has birth weight of 2.65 kg. He was achieving his milestones lowly so we did not bothered about his delay, suddenly at the age of 3 years 6 months we noticed that regression in speech and we consulted a doctor in Kerala with complaints of prefers isolated space with poor mingling with other kids. One day I saw an article in Goggle and came to know about JEWEL AUTISM CENTER in Kottayam.

When I came to the center a detailed assessment was taken by the professionals. They clearly explained about my child’s problems. From the beginning onwards a great service was provide by Jewel autism centre. One of my main concerns was to reduce his avoidance towards fruits. From the department of Occupational Therapy the session was taken by Ms Chinchu Mariam Thomas. She always had lots of suggestions and solutions for my child’s problems. I was really satisfied with the goal setting and the intervention given for my child.


Child was attending 1 hour sessions x 5 days / week. The first thing I did was to build rapport with him and to make him adjust with the situation .His parent’s main concern was his avoidance towards fruits. The child was very cooperative and interactive throughout all sessions. As per the parents concern I started with both peri and intra oral stimulations with fruit pulp. He had slight oral sensitivity. After few sessions I made him to taste the fruits which he avoided and had done intra oral stimulations with fruits (Banana). Then I came to know that he has started to eat Banana in home after 3 months. Gradually I could see the improvements.

I was very happy to work for this child. I would like to thank Child’s mother who was really hardworking and motivating throughout the intervention process for his child. Without her support I wouldn’t have been able to do this successful intervention.


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