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Case Study 14 – Poor Eye Contact & Attention : Improving Prelinguistic Skills

I’ve had a fulfilling career as a speech-language pathologist for the past year. I have a lot of situations I need to deal with. I have encountered numerous circumstances where I had to exercise compassion and openness. I take pride in my ability as a speech-language therapist to assist my patients in improving their ability to interact with those around them. Starting from scratch, to get them to say a few words, which always made me incredibly happy.

When I first arrived at the jewel center, this was the first case that was given to me. He was aged 3.2 years/male and diagnosed with Receptive expressive language delay. I had read over the case file in the first instance and seen his struggles. I observed that the kid had difficulties like poor eye contact, sitting tolerance, poor attention, inconsistent name-call response, and poor listening and waiting skills.

Improving Prelinguistic skills and Communication Skills

To begin my intervention I have tried to build rapport with the child and I found it difficult to work for around 2 weeks. The first thing I did was establish a rapport with him and help him become accustomed to the circumstances. I handed him his toys to play with as I began to sing rhymes in response. After two weeks, the child began to calm down and expressed interest in attending the sessions.

To help him communicate more effectively, I employed speech therapy techniques like parallel talk, self-talk, modeling, and promoting. Initially, the child had little vocabulary. After these techniques were taught, the child was able to speak in 3–4 word utterances.

Drooling was another issue he had to deal with. I tried to make him aware of it using play and by-cards. He can now lick the saliva that comes out.

The mother did an excellent job of homeschooling the child each day and also assisted me in interacting with him. I was greatly inspired by her encouragement and kindness. Working for him makes me incredibly proud.

I thank the parents who trusted me and my skills and also who waited patiently for the responses and improvements of the child.


Jiya Jinson (B.ASLP)

Speech Language Pathologist

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