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Case Study 19 – Behavioural Therapy In Autistic Child

Case Background:

The boy, who is his parents’ second child and a twin, was born in the pre-pandemic year (covid) and raised in the pandemic environment. He was exposed to excessive screen time while growing up abroad, and there were little opportunities for him to play with or engage with friends.

Even at the age of 3, his speech difficulties worried his parents.

Clinical Impression:

His poor awareness levels, inattention, excessive activity, stubbornness, poor listening skills, propensity to lose his temper frequently, refusal to accept regulations, and ease with which he became upset or agitated were some of the key behavioural concerns that were initially evident. It became impossible to follow simple directions due to constant sobbing and yelling.

Interventions :

Specific goals based on need were discussed and were the focus of the therapy when it was conducted in offline mode. Positive results were facilitated by activities based on the concepts of cognitive training, play behaviour, and behaviour modification strategies. The fundamental tenet of the entire intervention period was operant conditioning, which aimed to change the child’s unfavourable traits.

The Child’s general awareness of his or her surroundings, interest in completing tasks, emotional control, listening skills, attention span, and cognitive flexibility have all significantly improved. The Child has also become more adaptable to changes in his or her environment and routines, improved interactions with peers, and shown interest, understanding, and motivation to engage in purposeful play with peers and toys.

Retrospective Analysis:

The parent’s eager, enthusiastic, and proactive participation in the therapeutic strategies provided during the sessions has been vital to the child’s progress.


Reshma Basheer Moochikkal (MSc. Clinical Psychology)

Consultant Psychologist

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