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Case Study 6 – Issues With Motor Skills In The Autistic Child

The department had informed me that I was assigned with a new case. The child was about 3.5 years old. He was an active and happy child. After the assessment, it was found that he has age adequate academic skills. When I asked about this, his parents told him that he learned it through his mobile phone. At the same time, I felt this challenging because his PLS was not age-appropriate.

Rapport was established through various activities. When he started to cooperate, I introduced him to more complex activities. After 2 months he attained almost all planned initial goals.

Then I introduced forceps, toolset, lacing, and scissors to improve his attention, eye-hand coordination, and fine motor skills. Later, I started with the writing part. Then I made him do pre-writing activities in a notebook. But due to inadequate pencil pressure and improper pencil holding, the child didn’t achieve his month’s goals. But with a lot of effort, his pre-writing skills were improved in the following months. After 6 months, he started to write in a four-line notebook and l started to focus on his arithmetic and reading skills. With the joint efforts of the clinician and parents, he improved a lot.

He was discharged from Jewel Autism Centre and took admission to a school for KG. As his developmental educator, I was very happy and proud to know that.


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