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Case Study 3 – Special Education

Department of special education had informed me regarding a new client which has been assigned for me at the age of 1.6 years. His diagnosis was DSL secondary to autism features. I went through his pre-therapy evaluations and enquired about him to the parents.

I observed the child and noticed his problems such as reduced eye contact, poor name call response, and reduced speech. I tried many activities, but he was not interested in any of them. After few sessions, I gave them his favorite toys and activities, but still, he gave no responses. I got tensed and confused. Then I asked his parents about his interests and they told me he loves music (rhymes and film songs).

Thus, in the next few sessions, I played rhymes and film songs of his interest. Slowly he got adjusted and started to do activities with minimal prompts. However, his sitting tolerance was not adequate. Gradually, I was able to maintain a good rapport with him and he showed improvements in aspects of eye contact and attention.

His emotional responses were poor as observed. Thus the clinicians suggested schooling and the parents send him to a playschool. There he was interacting with children of the same age and does play activities.

After sometimes I found improvements in his identification and matching skills towards pictures, colors, shapes, alphabets (small and capital), numbers, lexical of vehicles, fruits and animals, and finally Malayalam letters.

After 6 months of therapy, the child showed drastic changes and they got discharged. The family is in the US now where the child attends a normal school.

Meenu Ammal
Special Educator

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