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Case Study 5- A Clear Assessment of The Child(Behavioral Therapy)

When I was assigned a new case, the only thing I knew was that he was a 6 years old male child who was diagnosed with ASD. When he came to my cabin, he showed so many behavioral issues. I started to take sessions for him. On the first day itself, he was not cooperative throughout the session. I tried many activities, but he was not interested and was not listening to me. His parents got tensed after seeing his responses. His PLS were found to be inadequate such as eye contact, sitting tolerance, attention span, etc. I provide him with attention activities but he was not doing these activities and he cried throughout the session.

On the next day, I welcomed his favorite activities and he attended the sessions for a while. Slowly I made rapport with the child. He started to give better responses. Next time I changed his favorite activities from the session and I provide him with new activities that help to improve his PLS. He cooperated with these sessions.

I introduced commands in between the activities and gradually he got adjusted to it. When his PLS were set, I moved to match skills, for which I gave the child different matching activities like puzzles. When he achieved his matching skills, I moved on to identification skills. He could now identify all the lexical and English alphabets (capital and small) and numbers. Next, I moved on to writing skills. I introduced to the child different pre-writing tasks. Gradually he achieved writing skills. He was able to copy write the English alphabets (capital letters) and numbers on a four-line notebook. I felt happy about his achievements.

Note: Every child has a different intervention. Adequate stimulation will help the child to develop their age adequate skills.


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