Dr.Jency Blesson

Dr.Jency Blesson


She pursued PhD in Molecular Biology and worked for a leading drug company in India as a Head of R&D and senior scientist and as an academician for 12 years. She has several National and International papers in peer reviewed journals to her credit and has a gene to her credit in American Gene Bank (Accession number- EU182653). She was a speaker in bio-pharma conferences across the globe. She worked as a professor and research guide in many Universities. Dr. Jency was a member in PG Board of University of Kerala and MG University and was a member of syllabus design and question paper setting board for these universities. She was a Ph.D Examiner in Bharatiar University. She is a Behavioural Analyst too. She is a member of WASET (World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology) and also a member of AFSTI (Association of Food Scientists and Technologists, India).

Dr.Jency is a part of Jewel Autism Centre from its beginning. She resigned her job and completely dedicated herself to the organization. She is heading the Administration department, Behaviour Analysis department (ABA), Research and Development team, Recruitments, International and National collaborations of this centre.

Though she is a scientist by profession and Joint Director of No.1 institute in the field of child development in India in terms of area and number of staff (65000 sq.ft and 110+ staff members), social service was her passion right from childhood. She is one among the ten members of Fr.Davis Chiramel charitable trust. Her first social work project was ‘I Challenge Plastic Bottle’. As a result of that, her team headed by Fr.Davis Chiramel made 155 schools all over India plastic free. The schools include Delhi Public School, Ludhiana, Sacred Heart International School, Delhi and several schools across Kerala which includes Bharat Mata , Trikakara, St Alberts high school, Ernakulam, Pallikoodam School Kottayam, Marian Senior Secondary School, Kottayam, St Patricks school , Angamaly, CMS. HSS, Kanam, SN Central School Kayamkulam  etc and institutions like IIMS- Ludhiana, CMC-Ludhiana

They were invited by Kerala Cricket Association for India V/s West Indies cricket match held on 1 November 2018  at Greensfield Stadium, Thiruvananthapuram and for Kerala Blasters V/s Bangalore FC football match held at Jawaharlal Nehru stadium, Kochi on 11 November 2018. Beach campaigns were also conducted across various beaches in Kerala as part of ‘I challenge plastic bottle’ campaign.

Her second project is ‘Teach and Train’ headed by Dr.Jameson Samuel, Founder and Director of Jewel Autism Centre for addressing the developmental needs faced by school going children by adopting 7 government schools in Kottayam and sending our highly skilled professionals from departments of Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and Special education to assess students and give them child development interventions by training normal school teachers in handling children with developmental needs at school.

Her third project is Cloth Bank V/s Food Bank, a project initiated by Fr.Davis Chiramel. It is all about collecting reusable clothes which can’t be used by us, but can be used by others and reselling it. These clothes have got high demand among people who cannot afford to buy costly dresses. For example, wedding dresses, gowns, sarees etc which are used only once and cost even upto Rs.50,000 are sold just for Rs.500 and the profit earned is directly given to Kerala Jail  account as part of ‘Hunger Hunt campaign ‘which is then used to supply food to 25,500 inmates in various Orphanages and Old age homes across Kerala. For food supplied from jail, uniformity and high quality can be ensured.

‘Blossom’ is the fourth project of Dr. Jency which was initiated with the objective to employ and mainstream differently abled individuals. As part of this, a differently abled candidate Mr. Royins Jose who is a mentally challenged person is employed in Cloth Bank and provided with a supervisor to support him. This project aims at employing more differently abled candidates.