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  •   Use of standardized assessment tools on a par with international standards to frequently monitor the progress of the child and monthly progress reports will be send to parents on request.

  •   Our programs are 100% transparent so that the parent/care giver can directly see the exercise, various treatment activities given by the professionals and also the effort taken by our team. This helps them to monitor their child’s activities and progress at home.

  •   Interdisciplinary approach enables to coordinate the goals of all departments and involves a collective effort of all professionals for the overall development of child.

  •   Individually tailor made intervention programs with one to one sessions after hair line assessment of the goals to be achieved by the child.

  •   Intense therapy sessions.Highly skilled and committed professionals.

  •   Guidelines to the parents/care takers to train the child at home and regular follow ups of the home program.

  •   Therapy sessions available in English, Hindi and Malayalam languages.

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    Parent Testimonial

    Our director Dr Jameson Sameul's interview in Manorama News channel

    What our parent Dr. Shahanaz Ahmed, (Associate Professor of Pediatric Neurology, SAT hospital, Govt Medical College Thiruvananthapuram) says about us


  • Jewel Autism Centre is one of the best institutes for autism treatment in India. The most important fact what I have observed and experienced in Jewel Autism Centre is that the entire session of the treatments are completely visible to the parents...
    Thomas John (thomasjohn007@gmail.com),U.S.A  Best  autism treatment center

  • My son was 4 years when he became a part of Jewel Centre. In these 5 months, he has gone through a lot of developments. His speech skill is developing fast. Academically also he is improving...
    Sajitha Nair, Mother (sajithanair3581@gmail.com) Autism center in india

  • Our second child was noticed to have certain problems in development. He was a premature baby to start with, but later had normal gross motor development. At the age of six months he had milestones achieved in gross motor...
    Danne (dannekm@gmai.com), UK (Aunty and care taker ) Autism center in india    View all

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    Our Services And Specialities

    Multi Speciality Therapy Clinic

    Provide the best quality treatment for children with developmental needs on the par with international standards.Provide expert consultation , evaluation and proper guidance for special children and their family members.

    Kids autism center

    Jewel's Team of Professionals

    Inter disciplinary team of Speech therapists, Occupational therapists, Developmental therapists, Special educators, Paediatric Neurologist,Physio therapist and Child Psychologist with USA, UK and WHO experience.

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