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Department of Clinical Psychology

Clinical psychology is a specialty within the branch of psychology that deals with mental health as well as behavioural health for both individuals as well as for families. Clinical psychology encompasses all mental health issues across the life span. The specialty undertakes both diagnostics as well as intervention strategies. The population addressed can include both individuals as well as their family members. They can work in groups as well as at a community level. As they address mental health issues across the lifespan, these include: Developmental disturbances: Intellectual disability, pervasive developmental disorders, learning disability etc. Distress: emotional disturbances that include low mood, increased anxiety, bipolar disorders etc. Psychotic disturbances: schizophrenia, delusional disorder etc. Neurocognitive disturbances: dementia, traumatic brain injury The core of the practice of clinical psychology include assessment, clinical case formulation and psychotherapy.

Department of Clinical Psychology at Jewel Autism Centre

The department of Clinical Psychology provides a platform to get psychoeducation, assessments and therapy for the child as well as the parent.
Behaviour Therapy:

Jewel provides behaviour therapy for children who may have certain behavioural difficulties. Techniques such as reinforcements and prompting can be used to bring about more desirable behaviours in children. Behavioural techniques can be used to improve attention, concentration, improve toilet training and reduce any tantrum behaviours of your child.


Jewel offers an opportunity to get assessments for your child to gauge their intelligence, social maturity, mental age etc. The assessments used at the centre include Seguin Form Board Test, Binet Kamat Test, Standard Progressive Matrices, Vineland Social Maturity Scale, development screening tests etc. A detailed report will also be provided following the assessments.

Parental support:

We recognise that as a parent, raising a child with special needs could be a handful. It is important to realise when it is time to reach out for help. Parents can reach out and get the help that they deserve at the centre. Techniques such as Cognitive Behaviour therapy, relaxation training, guided imagery can be used to help parents who may be experiencing feelings of anxiety and low mood. Confidentiality would be of utmost importance and would be maintained. Parents tend to be the first teachers for the children,
hence it is important to keep the mental health of parents in check. It is important to recognise when one may feel low, feel irritable, and feel like nothing is going their way, these maybe signs that one need help. Psychoeducation is a must for the parents in order to understand the condition of the child. It may be difficult as parents to deal with a diagnosis. A diagnosis such as autism, or learning disability may come across as a surprise and it may be difficult for a parent to accept it. It is important that the parents are equipped to know how they can help the child. Psychoeducation can help with dealing with such a diagnosis, to teach them techniques on how to help their child and monitor child’s progress.


Medical camps are also conducted as part of the departmental work. We conduct assessments and therapy in various educational campuses for children who require additional help. Family counselling, adolescent counselling are also available at the centre. Awareness programs are also held on various topics to help parents. Topics such as work-life balance, importance of mental health, self- care are also addressed.


Publication of various manuals that are useful for the parents are also undertaken by the department. Papers are also published with regard to topics that are associated with mental health among children, adolescents and adults.

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