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Karen Rana, Canada

What our parent Dr. Shahanaz Ahmed, (Associate Professor of Pediatric Neurology, SAT hospital, Govt Medical College Thiruvananthapuram) says about us:


Parent Testimonial:

Ms. Jithu Susan, Edathua

Parent Testimonial:


Jewel Autism Centre is one of the best institutes for autism treatment in India. The most important fact what I have observed and experienced in Jewel Autism Centre is that the entire session of the treatments are completely visible to the parents. There is nothing behind the curtain like almost in other centres. The training sessions are up to the mark and only experienced and professional team are providing the services. I have contacted and gone through many places in India and abroad for enquiring about how their training sessions are working out, but surprisingly most of the centers provide autism treatment services behind the curtain and parents have no access to the training sessions. So parents do not know what is happening with the kid when treatments are going on. But Jewel Autism Centre is dependable and reliable and the parents can watch and participate in the entire sessions and the guidance which is being provided by Jameson Samuel is unique and meet all the criteria of Autism treatment.

Thomas John

(thomasjohn007@gmail.com), U.S.A

My son was 4 years when he became a part of Jewel Centre. In these 5 months, he has gone through a lot of developments. His speech skill is developing fast. Academically also he is improving. His physical development too got a frame after he got the apt training from trained professionals here. He now gets adjusted to all the surroundings with great ease. Finally a great thanks to Jameson sir, who gave a relief to a mother like me by opening such institution. Special thanks to Devika miss, Jisha miss, Ambili miss and Mrudula miss who made Viraat what now he is. Thanks for all the cooperation and staff support that staff is rendering us.

Sajitha Nair

Mother (sajithanair3581@gmail.com)

Our second child was noticed to have certain problems in development. He was a premature baby to start with, but later had normal gross motor development. At the age of six months he had milestones achieved in gross motor, fine motor, vision etc. He was taken to United Kingdom at 6 months of age with his parents. At one year of age his mother noticed that he had lesser eye contact but thought it to be normal. Due to their busy schedule of job, the child was more engaged in to cartoons and rhymes. At 2 years, his mother was sure that the boy had problems in communications that he never uttered a word, a sound. He was hyper active, did not mingle with his elder sister who was 5 then. He was in his world secluded. He also exhibited mannerisms like flapping, toe walking and we took him to a paediatrician. The doctor was pretty sure that the child was autistic. And we started searching for schools that treated autistic children. We saw an advertisement of Jewel Autism centre in YouTube and contacted the authorities. Jameson sir, Director advised to take him here at the earliest and we started classes from June 2015. He started looking and responding after 1 month of intensive therapy. Later he started playing, singing, and communicating well. We appreciate and thank all the sincere efforts of the teachers especially Jameson sir, Meenu miss, Jomcy miss, Anija miss who gave us our child as a wonder kid. Thank you


(dannekm@gmai.com), UK (Aunty and care taker)

Deciding to come to Jewel Autism Centre has proven to be the best one for my child. He was 2years 6 months, had several behavioural issues, sleeping troubles and speech delay. All he had was 5 words to his credit and that too in his own language. He slept only for 2 hours in 24 hours for almost all his 2 years. Visits to several doctors proved unfruitful as they considered his milestones, which were perfect. But Dr. Mathew Abraham referred to Jewel. We came here, had an assessment and agreed to do therapy for 6 months. Now it is 5 months and my son has improved a lot. 95% of his issues are solved. He speaks in sentences now and is less hyperactive. Dr. Jameson Samuel and his subordinates have the great ability to understand the child’s and the family’s needs and have never been intimidating but very encouraging. They have guided me in understanding my child’s needs and helped my child to understand about himself. Since parents are allowed inside therapy sessions, it is easier to guide the child at home and know how to approach a situation as required. I have and will recommend this institution to parents who are sceptical about treating their children. I am completely satisfied and happy with the time spent here; each and every moment was worth it. This institution has taught me that there is hope for improvement in every child, no matter what their condition is. God bless this institution and all the people who are a part of it.


alniyathomas@gmail.com, Dubai, UAE

Jewel Autism Centre is one of the best institutes in the world. I came from U.K, so I can say this is the best institute, when I compared with U.K institutes. James sir’s way of teaching skills, Staff’s dedications are very appreciable. All the best for all your future endeavours.

Shilu Thomas

U.K (shiluthomasp@yahoo.com)

Jewel Autism Centre was recommended to me by my son’s paediatrician. When we came for an assessment here, my son who was 2.5 years old had several behavioural issues, sleeping troubles and speech delay. We decided to do therapy for at least 6 months, but I am very happy to say that it was completed within 5 months. The improvement in my son was amazing. His sleeping troubles & behavioural issues were solved and his speech, age appropriate. He is less hyperactive and more receptive now. The plus point is that, parents are allowed inside the therapy sessions. Therefore, it is easier to train the child at home. I will recommend this institution to parents who are doubtful about treating their children with sensory issues. The skilled and professional training at Jewel, along with a thorough follow up at home will surely bring positive changes in your child. Dr. Jameson Samuel and his dedicated team members deserve 5 stars. God bless this institution and may there be many more parents who are happy and satisfied as we are now.

Elizabeth Thomas


My son Alphin joined this institution on 16th June 2015. He was not cooperative at that time. But within 2 days he adjusted with the environment in Jewel Autism Centre. Now almost 6 months has been completed. I feel 50% of his problems are okay now. His academic level is good. All the staff are very cooperative and good to the children.

Jishamol Kurian


My son was 4 years 6 months when we came in Jewel Autism Centre Kottayam. We had gone through websites to find a right place for my son to treat sensory issues and developmental delay. Diagnosis from UK revealed that he has DL and sensory issues. We had some sessions in the UK but we were not satisfied with that. Then we decided to come to Jewel. The centre provided excellent therapy sessions and training classes. We noticed that he has tremendous improvement in his behaviour and we have seen that he can write letters easily after 3 months of therapy. We never thought he can achieve this kind of improvement in letter writing. The staffs in this centre are well trained and updated to face the current situations. Many thanks to director Jameson sir. Anju miss, Jisha miss, Seena miss and Nikitha miss. God will bless them from above. We will recommend the centre to everyone.

Thomas (Father)

(thomaskv2@yahoo.com), UK

Hello..i am writing this review with much happiness, we were in Australia with my son who was three years old and was identified as autistic, we were undergoing therapies there .Recently, one of our friends told that, an article came in Manorama newspaper written by Jewel Autism Centre, which was a very detailed and useful one. We read and happened to visit the centre by early November 2015. Now it is almost two months and we can’t believe the change happened to my son. I suggest the parents to visit this centre as early as possible when your child is diagnosed as autistic, really good even so much better than what we got in Australia, thank you jewel autism centre.

Biochemie stcp


I would like to share with all of you my experience as I have seen many parents are searching for a good centre for their children with autism spectrum disorders. My daughter was going to school and the teachers were unable to accommodate her due to mild autism as well as learning issues. A parent told me about this Jewel centre. After starting the sessions in Jewel, she improved well on her studies as well as her behaviour was really changed, now she is going to a normal school and I am really happy. I thank god as well as the centre.

Reema Mathew (Mother)


It is a great pleasure to share my experience with you all. Actually my 5 year old son has some speaking difficulties. It’s been 2 years we are coming here in Jewel Autism Centre and there is a drastic change happened in my son within these periods because of the good team work and dedicated skilled professionals in this centre. So I suggest that all parents should visit this centre whose children need special care.

Dipiti David (Mother)


It was a great experience to work for Jewel Autism Centre. I happened to cooperate with many therapists and other staffs who are outstanding at their work and well mannered. Even during pressure situations, I could easily handle all the tasks without any hindrance as the both staffs and management are very supportive. Therapists are well experienced and motive, and are kind enough to support children and their parents. The pin point of jewel is their staffs, their dedication and hard work always a key to success. All parents are extremely happy with the service they experience for their children in Jewel Autism Centre.

Sharath Babu


Hope you are doing well.I would like to inform you that I started working in Dubai as Speech Language Pathologist for Doris Duan Young Autism Centre in Dubai Healthcare City from this February.This centre is also a multi rehabilitation centre like Jewel Autism Centre.My experience at Jewel has helped a lot in achieving this job opportunity.The centre wanted to hire a therapist who is well experienced in handling autistic kids and as my experience purely lies in that area I had preference.During my interview when they asked about my previous experience the specific programme that we followed for every child was quite new to them.Even Though it is a multi rehabilitation clinic ideas like associating Occupational Therapy with academics is something which they never tried before.In short because of the the experience letter I got selected from so many candidates.Thank You Sir for letting me be a part of Jewel Autism Centre.I wish Jewel Centre all success in future.

Shincy Zera

(zerashincy@gmail.com), Dubai , UAE

When my son turned 2, I noticed that he was lacking eye contact and was not responding to us. Although he was speaking a lot of words, (looking at pictures of objects and saying their names, alphabets, numbers, colours etc) he was not at all verbally communicating or interacting with us. I discussed with our Paediatrician and it was he who suggested Jewel Autism Centre. On our initial assessment it was determined that our son showed autistic traits. He was suggested Occupational Therapy along with Speech Therapy. I am very happy to say that after 3 months of sessions he is showing significant improvement. In fact, after 3 months of session in Jewel he was assessed by the Dept of Pediatric neurolgy in KIMS Trivandrum and he was diagnosed as Non-autistic with only slight (6 months) developmental delay. He is having very good eye contact, responding to our instructions and following them, learning lots of new words and saying sentences.We are confident that in after 6 more months of sessions in Jewel, our son will be ready to attend a regular school.
My husband and I are doctors and yet we were very anxious about our son when he was first diagnosed. But now we know that with the help of an exceptional centre such as Jewel with their excellent therapists and innovative therapy methods our children can improve and be ready to face the world.

Lakshmi Sujesh

I am jyothi jose. It was a great experience in jewel autism centre. As an intern in speech language pathology it was an amazing opportunity to do my internship in jewel. I was able to gain knowledge about speech and language disorders especially on autism and that too at practical level. I am sure that the knowledge i gained will help in great success in rest of my professional life.

Jyothi jose

We took admission in Jewel Autism Centre on 2nd December 2019. After two months of treatment itself, my daughter started showing drastic changes. Our major concern was her writing issues and the therapists were able to rectify that problem completely. The cooperation of staff in OT, SE and Speech therapy department is very much appreciable. They addressed every single concerns we expressed and planned activities according to that.
In every manner, it was a really great experience at Jewel. From HR also the kind of support we received was great. Our family is thankful to Jewel always for all the changes that happened to my daughter

Aisha Saira

I loved this place for the first reason
The way they TREAT and CARE their students.
Very proffesional in all their services.
Jewel Autism and Child Development Centre ROCKS!

Shiny Antony Rauf



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