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Case Study 30 -The child born during the Covid pandemic had poor speech skills and social Interactions

Background Story:

The child – who was born during the Covid pandemic – is one of twins born to his parents. He was conceived  through IVF – the other twin appears to be developing typically.

Parents felt concerned when he had poor speech skills and poor awareness & interaction with others and was in his own world even at 2yrs of age. He had consulted with Paediatrician who advised that he avail of early intervention services.

Having scouted out Jewel Autism & Child Development Centre (Kottayam) through online reviews, the assessments conducted resulted in child being queued in for intensive therapy in OT, ST & SE.

Clinical Picture :

Some of the major issues presented at the initial stage were his poor awareness levels, obsession with specific routines, self laughing / talking, disinterest to play or even take notice of other kids, getting upset/ frustrated easily, hyperactive, self spinning, dislike to get his hands messy, scraping at edges of walls peeling off paint, mouthing of objects, poor attention & getting distracted easily, overly focused on shadows/fans/bright lights etc., poor awareness of his toileting needs & fearful of sitting on the WC.

Interventions :

Having been his OT for the past 2yrs, specific need-based goals were discussed with parent and focused on. Activities undertaken were based on principles of Sensory Integration, Sensory play, Functional independence in ADLs, Play behavior,

Visual perceptual & Visual motor integration skills, Cognitive training and Behavior Modification techniques were utilised to facilitate positive outcomes.

There has been significant changes in the child’s overall awareness of surroundings, interest to engage in tasks, improved emotional regulation and lesser meltdowns, improved attention levels and cognitive flexibility and exploring new concepts, adaptability to changes in environment and routines, improved interactions with peers and showing interest / awareness  & motivation to engage in purposeful play with peers & toys, independence in his Feeding & Toileting habits even when in unfamiliar settings.

This has helped him to be better integrated into the public settings like visiting others homes / funfairs/ parks/ play areas/ temples / theatres / supermarkets /family functions / playschool and community as a whole.

Reflective summary :

The eager, enthusiastic and proactive participation of the parent in the therapeutic interventions communicated through sessions has played a crucial role in the improvements of the child. The following of a specified dietary plan has shown significant improvement in his reduced hyperactivity & emotional regulation and attention to commands and tasks. This coupled with regular updates on the performance & motivation of the child in his daily life occupations of play, self-care, emotional well-being and school readiness have helped to cater to the client centred goals that were focused on in therapy.

Alin Isac (MOT)

Pediatric Occupational therapist

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